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    This forum exists as a customer service for the Scuba Community to facilitate commerce among our members. Columbus Scuba Inc does not attempt to verify any offers or claims. Therefore, we offer no warranty or guarantee, expressed or implied on the seller’s validity, reputation or the quality, availability, serviceability, safety, or usability of any product listed in this forum. Also, we will not attempt to provide any resolution to claims or counterclaims generated by the use of this forum.

    Please review all of these rules prior to posting messages:

    – Users are limited to one thread per item to be sold.
    – Links to any auction sites (eBay, Craig’s list, etc.) are not permitted at this time.
    – Please post scuba related items only.
    – Accepted methods of payment and any anticipated shipping costs should be included in the original post. We recommend using a secure pay site such as PayPal that allows for tracking, and, in the case of fraud, disputes so that everyone is safely covered.
    – No bumping. You may only reply to questions or post a change in the item’s status, availability or price.
    – DO NOT Post competing offers in someone else’s thread. If you have a similar item to sell, or a better price on the same item. Post your OWN THREAD. If any of these are found, they will be removed and your write to post restricted.

    Mark your Thread Sold
    In order to make the marketplace more efficient, as soon as your transaction is completed (meaning you sold an item, bought an item, or completed a trade) we ask that the appropriate party post a notification in the thread, and change your thread prefix to “Closed:” or “SOLD:”

    Older, open threads may be deleted by staff at their discretion.

    Additional Forum Information:
    Any thread(s) may be combined, edited or removed at the discretion of the staff or Moderator.

    While you are not required to sell any item you post for sale, other users are free to leave positive or negative feedback regarding the transaction as a means of informing other users as to their opinion of transactions. ScubaBoard will remove inflammatory, fake or false statements that are reported but negative comments regarding a seller’s decision not to sell an item for their asking price will not be retracted.

    Protect Yourself
    Any attempt to use this forum for fraudulent or abusive purposes will be met with strict consequences. Users who knowingly defraud others will have their account permanently banned and authorities may be notified depending on the situation. Columbus Scuba Inc. does not have any knowledge as to the accuracy of any posting or transaction, please use common sense before sending payment.
    All items are to be presumed to by owned by the Original Poster. Payments should only be made to the Original Poster.

    While you may reply to your post to change the price, replying to your own post just to “bump” the thread to the top of the list is strictly prohibited.

    If you have questions about posting in this forum ask a moderator prior to making your post!

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