Welcome to MidOhioDivers.Org!

Welcome to MidOhioDivers.Org!

Welcome, fellow divers!

We’re so excited to show you our new website! There are so many features and plans that we have in place. Let’s get started with a few:

First things first, be sure to stop by the Calendar page and check out all of our events. As new events get planned, they’ll be posted here and there almost immediately! We have a busy 2018-2019 planned already, so be sure to check it out!

Next, what are Community Forums? We wanted to give our local community a way to interact a bit more. Sure you can go to ScubaBoard, but we wanted something a little closer to home where you can interact with folks you know and trust, see on a monthly basis, and with this type of setup, there are less restrictions so you can post more! You can register to create a profile, similar to some of your social media sites, including profile pictures, cover photos, and basic info!  We’re opening it up for all types of interaction. Feel free to post Dive Reports, pictures/videos, events, trips; there’s even a marketplace thread so you can have a way to buy/sell/trade gear! We want this community to thrive as well as a healthy coral reef, so please stop by daily just to say hello or let us know what your dive plans are.

Diving this week/weekend and don’t have a buddy? Stop by the forums (Dive Buddy thread) and look for buddies who are going to our favorite spots for the weekend or even just for the day! Some of us may even be up for some longer weekend trips to a new spot!

Lastly, if there’s anything you need, drop by the Contact page and send us a message.

We would like to thank all of you for your support. Dive club is our favorite day of the month and we love seeing everyone who takes time to relax and unwind, talk about diving, support local causes, and show us what family is truly about. Without the support of everyone that encompasses MOD, things like this website and what we do for the community wouldn’t be possible. Every single person who has ever interacted with MOD has made a difference. So from the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU to each and every one of you.

See you all at the BBQ this month!

-The MOD Officers